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  4. Not sure, can't find it either. However, this mod will be removed soon since the FD station is different from the new map.
  5. Hi there. I couldn't find FD_Dept_02_int in sharedassets48.assets Which assets file is this meant to go into? Thanks.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Ez egy magyar kocsi textúrákat tartalmazó modpack. Amit tartalmaz: Átfestések PD_CPVI PD_Taurus PD_Explorer FD_Thaoe EMS_Taurus Ne másold le Semmiért nem válalok felelőséget!
  7. @Laub66 I just use the in-game freecam, and the default windows screenshot. playing on higher resolution also helps.
    I only used the first ambulance and the Taohe but it's enough to say that these are super grat mods ! Thank you !
  8. Version 0.1

    1 download

    Ford Explorer Gendarmerie française Licence : Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA Sharing, modifying and republishing this work is allowed under the following conditions. - Attribution : Always cite the original author as "Laub66" or "Lauber" ; - Non-commercial : Do not make commercial use of this paintjob ; - Share-alike : Apply exactly the same conditions for copyright when modifying and reposting this paintjob. Details : Paintjob name : Veh_Fex_01_exterior_dif-resources.assets-1002.png Asset path : ressources.assets/Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif
    It'd be nice if there were either a video tutorial or update fixing the Auto installer so I could actually use it
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  10. Version 1.0.0


    Skin mad for the Redmond WA Police Department Charger. Do not trace, rip, modify, reupload in any packs, or claim credit for any of the files included. Only link this page. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to you, or your property, while you install, or during use of these textures.
  11. It would be possible if i can find one, i don't make the helmets my self
  12. would it be possible to make a fire helmet like a modern one?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Skin made for the Bureau of Land Management crown vic. Do not trace, rip, modify, reupload in any packs, or claim credit for any of the files included. Only link this page. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to you, or your property, while you install, or during use of these textures.
  14. Will you add the new car skin pleeeease?
  15. Version 1.0.0


    To see the pattern watch the video place in any folder then in game open edit light then press import then select txt file Desktop 2021.09.12 -
  16. Baden Wüttemberg ist in Arbeit, allerdings für die Stadt Stuttgart.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    A Mega Pack for Flashing Lights. This pack contains changes for many things in this pack with an easy installer. All changes are Unnamed Island Themed. Changes The following base-game assets have been changed. Sirens FL_Siren_Wail_Loop: Wail Siren FL_Siren_WailRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Wail Siren FL_Siren_Yelp_Loop: Yelp Siren FL_Siren_YelpRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Yelp Siren FL_Siren_Piercer_Loop: Piercer Siren FL_Siren_HiLo_Loop: Hi-Lo Siren fd-siren2: Q Siren FL_Siren_AirHorn_Loop: Airhorn 1 Airhorn01_Loop: Airhorn 2 TrafficStop1: Traffic Stop Sound Vehicles Police Police_2_Body_D: Marked Charger Police_2-2_Body_D: Black Charger Police_2-3_Body_D: White Charger Vic_Body_Police_D: Marked Crown Vic Vic_Body_D-5: Black Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransperency-PD1: Marked Taurus exterior_AlbedoTransparency: Black Taurus Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD3: White Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif: Marked Explorer Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD2: Black Explorer Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD3: White Explorer CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD1: Marked Tahoe CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD3: White Tahoe CTA_exterior_AbbedoTransparency: Black Tahoe Veh_Tow_PD-01: Marked Tow Veh_Tow_PD-02: Black Tow Van02_Paint: Marked Van Van02_Paint2: Black Van EMS Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Lower Path ID): Light Red Ford Ambulance Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Higher Path ID): Tanker Ambulance Body Veh_EMS-03_Cabin-dif: Tanker Ambulance Cab Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map Vic_Body_D-4: Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-EMS1: Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_EMS: Explorer CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_EMS: Tahoe Fire FireTruck02-2: Ladder FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map Vic_Body_3-3: Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-FD1: Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_FD: Explorer Veh_Fire-03_exterior-dif: Tanker CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_FD Usage This pack is permitted to be used in any communities. Do not reupload/redistribute any files as provided or modified. Modification is only permitted for fixing textures and submitting them to the GitHub issues tab: https://github.com/ToxicMonster/UnnamedIslandMegaPack/issues. You may contact me to request permission for any uses other than this. If you have any questions also feel free to contact me. Credits This pack was created by me with the following exceptions: matthewtrakker: Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map Notes Installation instructions and screenshots to come! All files can be found on the GitHub!
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