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All Police Vehicle Models

1 file

  1. Camaro Police vehicle

    The Camaro replace the Charger, so you have to select it in vehicle selection menu
    This mod is about Mesh modification and Transform modification

    ⚠Pay attention⚠:
    Inside of vehicle selection menu, lights will ne be changed.
    So, slect your lights and when your car will spawn, lights will have the good position
    ☢Knowed Bugs☢:
    Distance between wheels
    You can sit at the back of the car and you can interact with rear doors
    I deleted the pushbar and it impact others vehicles but if you really request it, I can try to do it
    I also had to delete the licence plate
    It's my mod, don't repost it 
    If you wanna use it in a server, please request the allow to me (Azriel.#5256)


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