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2015 Chevrolet Suburban Mod 1.3.6

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Message added by LeoSM_07,

The AUTO-INSTALLER for this mod is currently not working! Check back later for a fix or use the manual install for now!

30 Screenshots


Members of my discord server were able to get early access to play with this mod for free! If you want to talk about modding, get help for modding or just get the exclusives, you can join here!


From what I can tell, this is the first complete vehicle replacement mod for Flashing Lights. This mod replaces the default explorer in the game! Please understand that due to the limits of modding there are only so many thing I can change. For example, I can not change the headlights, wheels, emergency lights, and cad. There are plenty of lights that fit and work well but if you see some are floating, just don't use them. I do plan to update this mod for bug fixes but I would also like to move onto new projects. I spent over 30 hours on this project in the past few weeks so if you enjoy, please rate and leave a like!


Make sure the required textures are are always visible at the top right of the skin. If you need reference use one of the existing skins too see what to do. You are free to edit any of those skins and redistribute them. This applies only to my templates and example skins, not any custom ones made by others. Just don't claim you made them. I will not be providing support for the templates or texturing of the vehicle. Thank you.

Features & Bugs:


  • Fully customizable UV map for user made skins
  • Over 30 custom meshes that replace default game assets with 8 custom textures also replacing default game assets
  • Custom and working tail, brake, blinker, and headlights.
  • Custom window modding to match the vehicle
  • So much more!


   Known Bugs:

  • (Not fixable) Headlights look a bit weird
  • (Not fixable) MDT clips with interior in 1st person
  • (Fixable) The rear wheels are off alignment a bit


There are two types of installing. You can either install all the files by hand (30+ files) or you can use the Auto-Installer to install all the files for you. All you need to do on the auto installer is just run it and when it asks, select your flashinglights_data folder. There is detailed information on this document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Voe371cJAStJQy90Fk4RK-dlixA1poUw-rAOaFvEqDs/edit#


   Thank you to every singe person here, they were all huge in contributing to this mod!

  • Original model (Heavy edits were made): "Chevrolet Suburban 2015" by shady311 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.
  • @C.Ritter, helped me with importing/exporting the models and some general blender tips
  • @Gate, helped a ton with finding assets and is generally super cool
  • @Frosty, for helping with screenshots and testing out the mod
  • All other MST's for feedback and helpful advice as well as testing the mod


I am not responsible for any damages done to your game. If something does happen, if you verify your files in steam it will fix your game without having to reinstall or loose any save progress. Please do not copy, reupload, or redistribute this mod. You may use it in your community server but please direct users to download the mod from THIS page not any custom download links. Don't be an idiot.

What's New in Version 1.3.6   See changelog


- Changed file names to the correct names.

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1 minute ago, Arek said:

does this still work with the newest update?



The auto-installer does not. I will be updating it ASAP (hopefully today to work with the latest update)

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19 minutes ago, LeoSM_07 said:


The auto-installer does not. I will be updating it ASAP (hopefully today to work with the latest update)



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How do i uninstall this vehicle bc i want to use the new tahoe in the unstable branch

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3 hours ago, Codeman said:

How do i uninstall this vehicle bc i want to use the new tahoe in the unstable branch

This vehicle changes the explorer, if you want to use the new vehicle in FL you need to change to unstable on steam properties.

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