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Visor Lights Mod (For Explorer, Dodge, Taurus, Tahoe and Crown)


When you'll be in the select car menu, nothing will happen. So, you'll have to configure siderunner as visor lights and when the vehicle will spawn, visor lights will be there.

It's my mod, don't repost it 
If you want use it in a server, please request the allow to me (Azriel.#5256)

You only have to copy/paste "resources.assets" in "flashinglights_Data" folder
Or use the auto installer and follow instructions
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It is AMAZING i see that many people don't understand so i was wondering if i could have permission to create a vide showing how to install the mod and get the visor lights working?

Response from the author:

I think that all informations are already available so if people don't read the description, they will not watch a video

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i cant get it to work


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NFS Police Force

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This works great with this lightbar it make it look really great if you would like to use it. 

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Question? If I have skins for pd vehicles then use this mod will it delete thise skins I have? And second question does this make the side runner light unusable? Does it move them to the visor? Any insight would be helpful thank you in advance.

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This is fantastic! Different module types (IE circle bulbs / modules instead of square/rectangle would be amazing)! 

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