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Update 29-5-2020

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  • Community Director

- 29 May 2020 -
By Herogus3xD


- Increased limit on members to 1GB per post and 2GB max storage.
- Added the ability to add URLs to downloads in case of big files. Please try to upload files that are big on other sites such as google drive and link the URL there. This is a beta future for now. So will see how it goes.
- Made staff applications visiable to the submitter and management team only.
- More minor forum adjustments
- Started working on Graphics & Design download section
- Renamed server bazar to server bazaar. Small spelling mistake. ?

Added extra fields downloads. You can link useful links, video tutorials and you are also able to give a small how to install instructions in a secondary tab.

If you encounter any questions then please feel free to reply below.

Seen any bugs, issues or encountered any problems?
Then please open up a ticket here.

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