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News - May

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- May 2020 -
By Herogus3xD



This will be something new! More than excited to start doing this a little, perhaps even get special staff for it? Anyways! With this news post (monthly) i will be giving statistics, assign a mod of the month (Iit will only be the mod that was posted this month and has been doing the ''best'' this month. Of course with a little reward! Based upon amount of views and downloads.) Of course we rely on community feedback so feel free to make any suggestions in our suggestions forum!


Herogus3xD's Van Buren Sheriff's Pack!
By @Herogus3xD.

With a whopping 426 views and 141 downloads! And is therefore the most popular mod of May.

A special badge will be presented on the mod.



1. Herogus3xD's Van Buren Sheriff's Pack! by @Herogus3xD
2. Saturation & Brighter Lights & Vibrance (BOTH DAY & NIGHT) by @DΛVIRE - 다비레
3. Pittsburgh Police Department Vehicles - Pittsburgh, PA by @matthewtrakker
4. Montreal Police Department Vehicles - Montreal, Quebec, Canada by @matthewtrakker
5. Blaine County Sheriff Office Vehicle Skins by @Matty10k

A special badge will be presented on the mod.


  • General
    • New members this month: 887
    • Amount of website updates this month: 11
  • Forums
    • New topics: 69
    • New posts: 127
  • Downloads
    • Amount of downloads(amount of times people downloaded a mod): 7.626 
    • Top submitter of this month(Posted the most mods of this month): @Purzelnic
  • Staff
    • Support requests made: 8 (Last month 26. A lot less! = Good)

Online users May:

This shows the amount of people that were visiting and/or using FLMODS. Pretty proud on the result honestly.


Now that was all for now. And of course i cannot share everything due privacy policy. But these statistics are free to be shared (some of those can be even found public so there is no point hiding them).

We of course would like your feedback on this kind of news style and if you guys(and girls) like this kind of things. Should we do this more? Or not at all? Make sure to reply below your thoughts on this month and feel free to share more if desired.

Thank you.
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