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Update 25-6-2020

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  • Community Director

- 25 June 2020 -
By Herogus3xD



  • Added actions based upon warning points
  • Regular members can now download 2 files at the same time
  • Added a bunch of report types
  • Updated FAQ a little bit.
  • Added download stats on downloads page
  • Minorly tweaked file guidelines
  • Added mod locations under forums
    • Moved all topics related to locations here
  • Added mod resources under forums
  • Added mod tutorials under forums
    • Moved all topics related to tutorials here
  • Removed useful information
  • Added a moderation system to triggered every newly registered member, that joined less than 100 days ago. If the new member gets reported 3 or more times when they just arrived then their content will be hidden until a moderator verifies that it is not violating our TOS or rules.
  • Warning system
    • At 5 warning points you will receive a temp ban of 30 days
    • At 10 warning points you will receive a temp ban of 60 days
    • At 15 warning points you will be permanently banned from FLMODS
  • Minor bug fixes in backend.

If you have any questions then please feel free to reply below.

Seen any bugs, issues or encountered any problems?
Then please open up a ticket here.

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