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Draft Update 27-6-2020


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- 27 June 2020 -
By Herogus3xD


- Added medals and trophies.
- Added a bunch of blacklisted display names
- Added profile field: Mod request. Displays if a user is open for mod requests or not.
- Added profile field: Mod capabilities. Displays what the user can do in terms of modding.
- Switched to a different emoji style similar to the Twitter / Discord style.
- Added a credits page. Link in footer.
- Once received the 10 mods trophy the mod creator rank will be automatically rewarded!
- Once received the 50 mods trophy the mod creator rank will be automatically rewarded!

If you have any questions then please feel free to reply below.

Seen any bugs, issues or encountered any problems?
Then please open up a ticket here.

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