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News - July


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- July 2020 -
By Herogus3xD



The 3rd news paper. Starting to somewhat hate typing stuff out LOL. Anyways a little late been working on some stuff but i got it sorted for the most. Anyways FLMODS is continuing to grow and we hope to get more powerful servers to support the demand we have.


We have hit 5k members for FLMODS! for that i will be doing more cool giveaways! Make sure to join our discord here. You have the change on getting lifetime member+. 


Chicago Fire Department Vehicles - Chicago, IL
By @matthewtrakker.

With a whopping 757 views and 153 downloads! And is therefore the most popular mod of July.
A medal has been awarded!



1. Chicago Fire Department Vehicles - Chicago, IL
2. Boston Fire Department Vehicles - Boston, MA
3. Village of Cherry Creek - Megapack
4. Metropolitan Police Pack
5. Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Vehicles

The winners will receive a medal!


  • General
    • New members this month: 1,090
    • Amount of website updates this month: 0
  • Forums
    • New topics: 24
    • New posts: 58
  • Downloads
    • Amount of downloads(amount of times people downloaded a mod): 11,981
    • Top submitter of this month(Posted the most mods of this month): @matthewtrakker & @Cpl. Irish.
  • Staff
    • Support requests made: 10 (Last month 16.)

Online users July:
image.pngThis shows the amount of people that were visiting and/or using FLMODS.


Let us know what you think!

Thank you.
Community Coordinator

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