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Three things I would personally like to see in the future.

#1- a full windshield interior lightbar, or the ability to put 1 & 2 flasher units at different places across the windshield

#2-an "old school" rotating dashlight for interior

#3-a simpler "drag & drop" mod system for custom vehicles, skins, ect. Actually, just an easier way to do the sirens would be nice.

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I would suggest you have and suggest that in the fl discord because this is not an official page.

Nobody The Rebel

Mod Creator

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I accept mod request as long as they fit the criteria:

1. Must have badge/logo off of the vehicle

2. Must have clear view of all 4 sides


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This topic was locked due to it being a invalid suggestion. Please only suggest items that are appropriate towards FLMODS.


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