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Pennsylvania State Roleplay

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We are a new and Semi-Serious RP Community. We are mainly US, East/US, West. But we are focusing on getting European and Australian Servers as well.
European and Australian Staff Needed.
FLRP - Founded April 18th, 2021
PASRP - Founded February 22nd, 2023
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/pasrp-community

Island Staff
Middletown Police Department
Middletown Fire & Rescue
Civilian Operations

US Government
PA State Police
Middletown Sheriff's Office 

What do we offer?
- Semi serious RP (KEEP REALISTIC)
- Event Team (Fun Custom RP)
- Department Subdivisions
- Custom Mods (NOT Required)
- Radio System
- Giveaways

- Gangs + Vice Units
- Dispatch + Cad system will be introduced (CURRENTLY ADDING)
- 2 more LEO departments
- Development Team (Mod packs)
- Media Team
Want to see other things coming soon? Then join up and make suggestions in our chats

Want to Roleplay? 

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