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  1. Vehicle Classnames & location Vehicles with all their related classnames --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All related files to vehicle textures --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Police vehicles classnames Charger Location : resource.assets Police_2_Body_D - marked Police_2-2_Body_D - black unmarked Police_2-3_Body_D - white unmarked CVPI Location : resource.assets Vic_Body_Police_D - marked Vic_Body_D-2 - grey unmarked
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    very good! like the crown vic as well
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  2. Version 1.0.1


    Ontario, Canada License Plate License plates from the province of Ontario. Includes - 2020 License Plate (Would not recommend using, it's hard to read with the dark blue-on-dark blue writing, but you can still make out the letters.) - 2008 License Plate - 2008 License Plate, French - 1983 License Plate Installation ___ PLATE = NumberPlate-01 in resource.assets ___ PLATE TICKET = NumberPlate-01-Ticket in sharedassets2.assets This is my first public release, so I hope you enjoy it.
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    =====================[Florida Highway Patrol Vehicle Pack]=============================== 3x Vehicle Textures [Data names] fhp_cvpi - Vic_Body_Police_D // Vic_Body_D-2 fhp_explorer - Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif // Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD2 fhp_charger - Police_2_Body_D [Disclaimer] - I (We) are not responsible for game errors recieved after installing the modifications. - This mod (modpack) are not to be used in Online Communities unless permission is granted. - This mod (modpack) is free to use, credit should be given if used for commericial use, be aware pe
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