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  1. The only problem I have with this mod is that the lights on the vehicles are inaccurate and the Trooper hat is a little off
  2. very great mod I can't wait to use it
  3. This is the lorain police dodge charger, I couldn't get a good front angle. @NOBODY™#8012
  4. @NOBODY™#8012 Here's images for the Lorain Police SUV. It's hard to find a good image for the back side of the vehicle but it's good enough. It says Lorain Police on the back btw. Also you can ignore the badges on the vehicle. I'm sure you can imagine the textures without the badges on them. I'll start looking for the Sedan/dodge charger vehicle as well
  5. Can someone create a mod for the Lorain Police Department? Lorain Police SUV Lorain Dodge Charger Lorain Trooper uniforms Lorain Sheriff Uniform Lorain trooper hats
  6. Could someone create a mod for the Lorain Police?
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