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  1. Is there a list of all chat commands for multiplayer and single player also how do you get into the freecam, thanks!
  2. if you have discord could i send you an ambulance skin to create?

    1. ii_SupremeEMS


      I dont have Flashing Lights anymore due to my computer crashing consistently. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Very awesome x26 taser bro! also do you think you could make a glock that is not drag'n'drop?
  3. Ok thank you for clearing that up.
  4. I have over 10 mods on my account and I did not receive the "Mod Creator" Role and my discord name is correct on my account ii_SupremeEMS#1735
  5. Is there a dedicated way to being a citizen or a dedicated way to remove all lights, sirens, pushbar from the vehicles??
    I am rating this 5 stars because I like realism to it but could you tell me if it will remove the current livery I have on the truck or just add the pierce grill, remove all the stuff it says it willl remove and, color correct it?
    I am rating this 5 stars because I like it and think it will work but could you tell me if it will remove the current livery I have on the truck or just fix the color and stuff
  6. Just wondering if anyone could answer this but if I duplicate one of these files will I get another livery that I can select in the Selector Thanks!
    Thank you soo much for this! I was trying to get one for arlington but this'l be fine as my city is based on the DFW area
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is the shirt that goes with my AMR Supervisor vehicle and my AMR Ambulance although it doesn't have to be used with that here is the link to those if you want to use them with this outfit.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a AMR (American Medical Response) Pack ____________ Please Download Pack includes 2 Ford small ambulances (1 older, 1 updated), and the Ford Explorer. 1 light pattern for each vehicle. To see what it looks like look at the video for the light pattern that is in the video go to the vehicle>click on import configuration>then find the file>import it then your done scroll down for the video of this ambulance (I also included the light pattern shown in the video if you want that as well) PLEASE DONT COPY MY CONTENT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION IF YOU ASK ME I WILL BE MORE LIKELY TO SAY YES THAT YOU CAN REUPLOAD -Some of my other files- ii_SupremeEMS "We respond because all lives matter" 1979441372_flashinglights2021-03-0600-46-15.mp4.a3eb063b897eda9622bc029ac50cb92d.mp4 1633235632_flashinglights2021-03-0600-42-30.mp4
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