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    Great South Australian County Fire Service skin, as a South Australian resident it's a very accurate and well done skin, I would suggest the text "S.A. County Fire Service" be a bit longer but other than that great job!
  1. Version 1.0


    This siren pack replaces Siren_01, Siren_02, CarHorn_01, Airhorn01_Start & Airhorn01_FullLoop to Australian equivalent sirens. Included in the .zip file are 5 dump files and one .resource file needed to import VicPol/NSW Australian Sirens into your Flashing Lights Game. To install these sirens you will need (UABE) Unity Asset Bundle Extractor, which you can get from: Once you've downloaded it, extract the zip file and launch AssetBundleExtractor.exe Head to your Flashing Lights folder in Steam and then flashinglights_Data folder. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Flashing Lights\flashinglights_Data You will then need to open the file globalgamemanagers by using Unity Asset Bundle Extractor, do not open globalgamemanagers.assets Once you have opened globalgamemanagers with UABE, go to the View tab and click "Search by name" And search for each file name by going down, if you do not find it by going down then search by going up. When searching for each sound you will need to import the matching dump files and then place aus-sirens.resources in the flashinglights_Data folder. Once you have completed these steps, launch the game and you should have custom sirens and horns, if you need assistance just comment on this post. Alternatively Follow this video guide by Herogus3xD - Disclaimer - - I the mod creator and we the FLMods community are not responsible for game crashes, errors or data corruption upon installing this modification. - This mod-pack will not to be permitted for Online Communities unless permission has been granted. - No one is permitted to upload a new version of this modification to any other website or re-upload it to FLMods.
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