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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is based of the Emergency Doctor car that is used in the UK by the NHS, How to install is in the rar file THE PLAYER TEXTURE IS NOT MADE BY ME, IT IS MADE BY CRASHBANDICOOT101 IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT HERE'S THE LINK:
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a jam butty (A.K.A Jam Sandwich) police car, the jam butty was put in service around the 1970s, the reason for its name is because it looked like jam sandwiched between 2 pieces of white bread, hence the name. Sadly in November of 2012 this iconic pattern was replaced by the Battenberg Marking as we see today. Terms of Use: 1. Do not make claims that you made this 2. You may share this with friends 3. You may use this in a roleplay server I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR GAME
  3. Version 4.30.1


    This is a texture for the dodge charger, this is my first mod so you are to expect some unusual things about the texture. Always remember to backup your game files before modifying the game I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR GAME Instructions on installing are in the rar file (Don't mind the version, thought the file version was supposed to be the game version lol)
    It looks amazing and has very good detail, I recommend getting this if you are into British highway patrol.
  4. can't find radio_01, when I search it it just says "No results found", before you say I searched it in sharedassets3.assets
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