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    EN: Hi! This is a texture made by me. feel free to use it. i made it in a jurry, but it came out good, it does have some imperfections. but i am good with them there is two ways to install this texture mod in your game: THE EASY WAY: just download the resources.assets and put it in data folder of the game, take the vehicle conf file(the txt file) place it in documents folder and load it from in-game; Remember: its a vehicle light preset preset, so you need to be on vehicles tab, then press import vehicle configuration! THE HARD WAY(use this when the game receives a new update): use this tutorial: A guide for people that want their custom skin in-game! :: Flashing Lights General Discussions (steamcommunity.com) and after that, place the txt file in documents folder, and load it in-game! GOOD LUCK! RO: Salut, aceasta e o textura facuta de mine. nu am stat mult sa o fac asa ca are cateva imperfectiuni, dar aia e, sunt multumit you can find me on IG: @manu.goron 10.oct.2021 resources.assets masina politia romana.txt
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