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    This preset looks great! I wish there was a way to make the day look better as well as the night but I understand we are limited on what can be changed
  1. As per the latest message posted on the top of this page, it is currently outdated, check back later for updates!
  2. Version 1.0


    NOTE: This mod is a not a texture or a light pattern. The installation process is slightly different. Please see the HOW TO INSTALL page or join my discord for support. (P.S. Discord members also get early previews and early access to cool things like this for free!) Description: This is just a quick mod that I made to test how wheel meshes work. I know hubcaps have been a popularly requested feature so I figured I'd mod them in! I know these aren't perfect but they are still pretty good. Please let me know if there are any bugs and I'll be happy to issue a new patch! (LAPD texture is not included in this mod, separate pack coming soon!) Installing: Open resources.assets and find the following files Veh_Vic-02_Wheel_LOD0 Veh_Vic-02_Wheel_LOD1 Veh_Vic-02_Wheel_LOD2 Press IMPORT DUMP on each file and then select the .txt file you downloaded Credits: Thank you to HANAKO for allowing me to adapt their mod to fit my needs for flashing lights! Disclaimer: Do not attempt to redistribute, modify, export, reverse engineer, or tamper with any of these files. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THIS MOD WITHIN YOUR OWN PACKS. IF YOU WISH TO REFER SOMEONE TO IT, USE THE LINK TO THE PAGE YOU ARE ON RIGHT NOW. It is expected that you are responsible for your own pc. You are responsible for keeping backup files or knowing how to fix your game. I am not responsible for any damages that may be caused. Use common sense!
  3. This topic has been locked by the staff team. This question was answered by the community. If you feel this was a mistake, report this reply with a valid reason.
  4. Hi, you'll need the older C++. Make sure to download x64 and not a64 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999 Please feel free to reach out via site messages if you need any more help
  5. Hi, you can try installing this. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999 For more immediate help feel free to reach out via discord (information in mod description)
  6. Hi there, are you opening your resources.asset file with UABE? (topic moved to modding support section)
  7. Hello, thanks for the kind words! As mentioned in the description, I'm unable to edit base game functions such as emergency light and headlight placement. I tried my best to work around this but the result isn't perfect.
  8. Skins for the old charger do not work. There are a few skins on my discord as well as released here on FLMods
  9. As I've said in the description there are certain things I can not change, they are parts of the game that are impossible to edit with the current tools we have. Unfortunately there is no way around this.
  10. There are certain skins made for my charger that you can find on this site, however skins for the default charger do not work.
  11. Adding on, you can verify your game files on steam to remove any mods.
    This mod is great! It's really nice to see some variation options on the new car
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