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Community Answers

  1. Have you done it in the new unstable branch? If so and it was a file downloaded on FLMODs then the creators are required to update the models in the newest unity build for it to be compatible with the new versions of the game, you'll need to speak to the creator of the mod, however most will be waiting for the stable to be released before updating them. I haven't had too much experience editing mesh files, if your on either of the discord channels C.Ritter will be the best person to assist further or another member of the community
  2. Remove the "- Police cap 1 = " these are only used to give users a definition of the hat version, it should be just "Cap-01_Hat_Diffuse-PD1"
  3. At this point only the vehicles and hats have been successful, however the light locations can't be reprogrammed so the vehicle will need to fit the previous vehicle otherwise lights will be hovering in the air where they were on the default vehicle.
  4. FLMODS suggestions is suggestions for the flmods site/discord channel please use the flashing lights suggestion channel to suggest additional light bars. This is also out of the realms of the modding community at this point of time. We also have https://www.flmods.com/forums/topic/75-what-would-you-add/?tab=comments#comment-10215 if you wish to post these or comment regarding them
  5. This topic has been locked & moved by the staff team. Please only post valid suggestions related to FLMODS here. If you feel this was a mistake, report this reply with a valid reason.
  6. Let’s just remember this is the mod request category, unfortunately this is out of the scopes of modding at this point of time. On the official discord channel 600 has confirmed they will be added back however no timeframe has been announced at this time
  7. Hi Daniel167, There has been no successful member worked out a way to replace character meshes at this time. Modding mesh for characters will currently break your game, to fix this you will need to verify your files
  8. radio_01 has since been renamed/moved no one has successfully located it at this point
  9. Hi Sakura, to my knowledge we have no upto date plain templates for the new vehicles, however have the original files uploaded for users to modify to create their own skins at https://www.flmods.com/files/category/47-original-textures/.
  10. Can you elaborate more on that, the files are .PNG the only reason they won't work is because of user error installing it.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    ===============================[Old style, Victoria Highway Patrol Taurus]=============================== 4x Taurus skins (Black, White, Grey, Blue) Requested by: Tullen#0275 on discord [Names] Location : resources.assets Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD1 - marked exterior_AlbedoTransparency - black unmarked Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD3 - white unmarked [Disclaimer] - I (We) are not responsible for game errors received after installing the modifications. - This mod (mod-pack) are not to be used in Online Communities unless permission is granted. - This mod (mod-pack) is free to use, credit should be given if used for commercial use, be aware permission can be taken back at the request of the developer(s). - No one is to upload a new link to this pack, links should be directed straight to the FLMods page () - Hope you enjoy the mod. [Requests] If you have any modifications in mind that you would like to use in game and none is available, message me on discord (Cozzar#4607) or on the FLMods forums. with pictures of ALL sides of the vehicle. Please be aware there will not be a 100 percent guarantee I'll create it. I will however respond to all messages and give my reasons why I will not be accepting the request (main reasons will be if it looks too difficult, I am fairly new to skinning) if there is a delay I will alert you to it, I will give an ESTIMATED time of completion after accepting, be aware this will not always be 100 percent guarantee. I prefer keeping the requestee up to date on the creation of their request and will prefer a reply back. Mod-packs will be rejected if I have too many one off creations in queue. I may accept them but I will be alerting to a wait for the finished product. One offs will tend to be priority. Mods without sufficient reference photos will be REJECTED. I hold the rights to choose against creating the skin even after its been accepted, once again I will alert you to this and give my reasoning. My services are free and this is just a hobby, I will be creating your skin in my free time. ALL REQUESTS WILL BE UPLOADED TO FLMODS FOR OTHERS TO USE, I WILL NOT BE HOLDING THE SKIN FOR THE REQUESTER ONLY. ===Enjoy===
  12. As stated above, this wont be updated until I have time to create the new vehicle skins, all the files used (besides the tow truck) can be found available for download and use if you understand the texture installation procedure
  13. All the commands can be found on the flashing lights discord community in #help-in-game. Useful Codes To Use In Game Below are a few useful codes which can be used in the chat box. To open the Text box, tap T. /m-cancel = Cancel current mission /v-reset = Reset vehicle in front of character /tp-hq = Teleport character to start point (works only when on foot) /kick_id = Multiplayer Host can kick players by their id found in list pressing Tab. Example /kick_1001 /ban_id = Multiplayer Host can ban players by their id found in list pressing Tab. Example /ban_1001 /nm_id = set Next Mission by id. Force next mission as set, it does not force the call, it will appear still at random time. Can not be the same twice in a row. Use T to open chat and use the command. ID list on Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/app/605740/discussions/0/1735469327934106789/ FREE CAM /cam1 & /cam0 = Free fly camera on/off, suggested to use outside of mission operations and custom views to avoid bugging the mission and/or player movement (Copied and Pasted from the discord)
  14. Moved to Mod Requests - Please be weary of where you post
  15. Hi the drag and drop hasn't been forgotten about however i have taken a break from modding and have been assisting users. That being said, now that new vehicles are in the game it won't be updated until i have the time to create new skins for them. All the files are still available on the site, allowing users to still have them in game
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