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  1. Are you looking for a community that's ? Professional in every field. ? Like Family. ? Like nothing ever before? Then join Dartside! What's Dartside? Dartside is a fictional city, thus meaning the city is not based off of any other counties or states. Everything about Dartside is custom, from our Police Department to our Emergency Medical Service. Dartside is authentic. Here's a video showcasing our skins. So.... You like what you see? I'm further developing some new Police Dept. Skins. I'd think you'd like them so come check us out. What Branches Do We Have? Fire - Closed EMS - Open Police - Open Sherriff - Under Development Highway Patrol - Under Development Civilian Department - Open Dispatch - Open Requirements A Community like this must have requirements right? Wrong All we ask of our members is to ensure they give 110% when roleplaying, furthermore no mic is required! The only requirement is to have fun and enjoy your stay at Dartside. Furthermore our Advanced CAD System brings the whole game to life, Dispatchers can assign you to calls, you can write reports about your arrest or patient or even a fire report! Dartside has so much to offer to you so come check us out. And we promise you'll never look back. Here's a video of our Fire Dept. In action to end ? https://discord.gg/QJ36PXJ
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