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  1. when I click on brighter.ini there is no select option for anything
    Where did you get the push bar!!!! I want it
    it looks great. It"s fine if you have a whole bunch of lights just means people will see you.
    Great job!!!!! Plz make these for the Vic, explorer, charger (2015 mod) plz plz plz
    Man this is my favorite police car also been waiting for something like this for NC highway patrol, I see them all the time and can’t wait to use this for NC trooper gameplay
  2. What do you use to make skins for cars? 

    1. Unit604


      I use Paint 3D. I think it is way easier to use. I use reusable templates on this website.

    2. Codlover


      K thanks dude appreciate it 

  3. This man awesome. And just a fact 


    Same guy on the Tahoe love these skins, once again don’t have it but it’s my home state and I see these guys all the time and there cars are awesome so this is great well done!!!!
    Dude don’t even have it but I love it’s great your great it looks like you did a lot of work hats down to you. Hope this helps
    I know this guy does hard work and all his stuff is great in every little thing. Great job dude.
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