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  1. If you're talking about the q2b, its now called Tone_7 I believe. Any other FD sirens have been removed from what I see, although a lot of the old sirens are still in the game files for now
  2. You will find text instructions here. https://www.flmods.com/tutorials/sirenreplacementguide/ I have personally never had any issues understanding Hero's accent, despite being born and raised in middle of nowhere New York state.
  3. Hello, Please make sure you are opening the .asset file instead of the .resource file. If you are opening the right file, MAKE SURE you are on 2017 or 2018 unity. If you are not Unity can be found here https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive
  4. Which sirens? if they are usable ingame they should be on here, unless the names changed in an update
  5. Hello, Please restart the process, but when it asks for you to select a type database do this https://gyazo.com/15c35d394898ccca9b0d75d2633c69b7 If the menu does not pop up, please download the latest version of UABE 64 Bit from here and start over https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases/tag/2.2stabled
  6. Thanks for pointing that out! I might have accidentally reversed them when i was doing this the first time and i've gone ahead and changed it
  7. Hello , Unfortunately, no. You need to run the sirens through unity before you can put them In game. You cant replace them any other way to my knowledge. Gate
  8. Hey! Thanks for pointing that out. I've updated the post with the new location of the wail. Wail 3 is still in the files but appears to no longer be accessible through the siren menu. The new name is fd-siren2. Gate
  9. Hello! You will need to redo all your previous modding, since the old game files will not work with the new update. There really isn't a faster way to do it than what you did to mod the game when you did it the first time. Gate
  10. Hello, Please check out this area if you would like to know more about how to put in vehicle mods. I highly recommend the Garret Plays video, as it walks you through the process including where to download the programs needed to mod the game. You do not need to convert the mods to a text document, however you will need winrar to open the .rar files. You can get winrar here, https://www.rarlab.com/.
  11. Answer from discord "that comes up when you save the file directly into your flashinglights_data folder. You need to save the file somewhere else then drag it into the flashinglights_data folder and replace when prompted"
  12. Location: resources.assets Please put in the comments if I messed something up or you find a siren/horn that was missed. FL_Siren_Wail_Loop : Wail Siren FL_Siren_WailRumbler_Loop : Rumbler Wail Siren FL_Siren_Yelp_Loop : Yelp Siren FL_Siren_YelpRumbler_Loop : Rumbler Yelp Siren FL_Siren_Piercer_Loop : Piercer Siren FL_Siren_HiLo_Loop : Hi/LO Siren fd-siren2 : Q Siren FL_Siren_AirHorn_Loop : Airhorn #1 Airhorn01_Loop : Airhorn #2 FL_Siren_Bullhorn_Loop : Bullhorn #1 FL_Siren_Bullhorn2_Loop : Bullhorn #2 TRAFFIC STOP SOUND TrafficStop1 : traffic stop sound Credits: 600 @Elias Auxilibus @GateKeeper @Nateee#5404 on discord @CoreInvadeq#1977 on discord
  13. Hello, To solve this issue, scroll down to the bottom-most database, select it, then click ok and you should then be good to mod. Gate
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