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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone! This forum topic is to show my ongoing project that I am working on. Also for people interested in the project to follow it's progress. (This Project is not a priority, I work on it in my free time, so development of this mod will not be quick. ALSO DISCLAIMER - I'm a learning 3D Modeler so Modelling, Texturing, Detailing are all things I'm new to and learning.) Introducing, - | Project: TacNog | - What is Project: TacNog?: Project: TacNog meaning Tactical Noggin, is a mod that replaces one of the hats with my tactical helmet model which will have its very own textures, normal map, ambient occlusion map. Why am I making it?: I'm making this mod for RP Communities that Have SWAT/SRU/SCO19 or any tactical response unit. I was initially asked to make a skin by a community I was making skins for, to make one that resembles SCO19. Which I thought I would try one up and make a character model for them with Plate Carriers, and all that tactical gear. After some experimenting, which you can see the result of some testing I did HERE. I stopped working on it and thought about doing a Tactical Helmet, Some time later here we are after some research and messing around. This Mod is also a learning experience for me to learn 3D Modelling as a step towards my dream job of a Game Developer. When will it be released?: Simple answer is I Don't Know, It will be released when I have finished the models and done a lot of testing to make sure textures don't look bad, and overall it will need to be a good quality mod before I'm prepared to release it. (This is if I never Discontinue the project) ----------------------------------------- My Progress So Far | As of: April 6th 2021 ----------------------------------------- *These images do not represent the final mod, these are mid development images.* In these images you see the base model of my mod, with just a plane black texture, the normal map, Ambient Occlusion map, Metallic and Smoothness Map has not been touched as of yet, which is what the weird reflections, grooves and the shadows on are on the model. You are only seeing the characters that the helmet fits the best on. the others have the strap going through there jaw, so work still needs to be done. There will be more detail to the model such as the front head mount where Night Vision Goggles would go, Side rail mounts where you would mount a Flashlight or so on. I am happy to answer any questions regarding this mod
  2. Version 1.2


    This is a full set of all the 3D Character models from the game for use with Adobe Photoshop for re-skinning and 3D preview of your paints. These models were extracted from the Original game by me. * NOTE * These models are purely ONLY for you to mod FL easier, do not take these assets for your own projects! HOW TO USE ================================ In order to use these files for re-skinning and 3D preview of your paints you will need any copy of Adobe Photoshop from CS5 up to the current Creative Cloud versions. Using Adobe Photoshop you can either paint directly on the model, or on the original texture plate and use the 3D view to preview your paint in real time. Mod Pack comes with character models and the textures needed for each model. How to get the .dae files and textures into Blender: Disclaimer ================================= -You are not to attempt to modify or rip this model in any way shape or form. -I am not responsible for any damages done to your game. Please make a backup of any edited files! -DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. -If you have any questions, Problems or Bugs let me know in the comments or tag me on discord in #modding-questions. -Please leave a Review, It helps alot.
  3. Howdy people of FLMODS! In this forum post I wanted to show you guys a project I had been working on and which I won't continue, but still wanted to show you the progress I've made. As you can see in the 2 pictures above I succesfully put a newer model of the Dodge Charger in the game. I also have a video showcasing the vehicle etc. FAQ Q : Are you going to release this mod/project? A : No, I'm not planning to release this mod/project since the model I've used is a paid model. Q : Are you going to release a guide/tutorial on how to do this? A : Nope, sorry. I'm not planning to release any guides etc. since this process is really time consuming and not worth the time (or your time). The process might also be different when using other models (I haven't checked the other models yet). Q : Why are you not continuing this project? A : Well like stated above, it is really time consuming and I don't have the determination anymore to continue this project. Leave more questions down below in the comments!
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