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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Guess who's back to uploading patterns on Flashing Lights! Yeah! Calebs Back! Hope y'all enjoy, won't be uploading as much as I use to but atleast I am back. Based off of this video: Metro Vancouver Transit Police Responding - YouTube Join our discord for early release notifications: https://discord.gg/gmw6Frcpdd My Discord: Calebh6#0568 Check out my Bloomfield Police Pattern: Modern Bloomfield Police Pattern - Lights/Vehicle Configuration Presets - FLMODS I TAKE VEHICLE PATTERN SUGGESTIONS FOR FREE! TO SUGGEST SOMETHING JOIN MY DISCORD! STEPS TO INSTALL 1 - Download the file 2 - Load up Flashing Lights 3 - Open up the vehicle menu and select the 2021 Tahoe, then at the top right of your screen select Import Vehicle Configuration then find the file on your computer which should be in the Downloads page, then click open and it will be imported onto that vehicle. Still having issues? Ask for help in the main Flashing Lights Discord Server in #mod-questions DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS OR ANY OF MY PRODUCTS IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, DOING SO WILL GET YOU MODERATED.
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