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Found 10 results

  1. Wer sind wir? Ein noch sehr junger Server mit einem Dynamischem Team. Die Altersgrenze sollte 14 Jahre nicht untersteigen. Bei uns ist jeder Herzlich Willkommen, vom Einsteiger bis zum Hardcore Roleplayer. Wir bieten eigene Skins für den Roleplay-Bereich an. Was bieten wir dir an? Ein Roleplay basiernd auf dem Amerikanischem System Eigene EMS und Fire Department Lackierungen.(Polizeilackierungen sind hier aus dem Forum). Im Fire Department / EMS Fahrzeuge Rangbezogen. Ein Rangsystem in allen drei Fraktionen. Ein Funkmeldesystem für den Realismus (Extern) Einen Discord für die Gespräche im Ingame und zum so reden. Man kann sich hocharbeiten, aber je höher man kommt desto mehr Verwaltungstechnische Aufgaben kommen auf einen zu. Im Fire Department / EMS Fahrzeuge Rangbezogen. Was solltest Du mitbringen? Ein vernünftiges Benehmen! (Wer sich unhöflich verhält wird gekickt / Gebannt) Natürlich das Spiel Flashing Lights. Das Interesse an Roleplayverhalten und/oder es sich anzueignen. Du möchtest bei uns mitmachen oder dich erstmal bei uns umschauen? Dann schaue dich gerne auf unserem Discordserver vorbei: https://discord.gg/b43cShTzP9 (Sollte der Link aus welchen Gründen auch immer nicht funktionieren dann schreib mich bitte an) Für diejenigen die gleich mit dem Roleplay anfangen wollen empfehlen wir sich gleich eine (Oder zwei / drei) Rollen per Bot geben zu lassen. Dann öffnen sich in den jeweiligen Fraktionen die Bewerbungschannel. Dort bitte mindestens die gestellten Fragen beantworten oder eine schöne Bewerbung schreiben. In diesem Sinne Euer Chrisfire112
  2. Version 1.0.0


    THE MOST REALISTIC LIGHTING MOD ON FLMODS! This mod is just a combination of a whole bunch of North American Fire Departments to make this generic, yet very realistic lighting setup. All of the vehicles in the pack have New York Compliant Lighting, meaning they have no blue front lights. More renditions of this mod will be made in the future, including: California Compliant Midwest/Red & Blue I will also be making mods not related to this mod, including: Realistic Police Realistic EMS EDIT 001 AUGUST 8TH, 2022 19:33 CST Forgot to include GIFs of the vehicles. These GIFs show ALL of the ELS. Don't mind my voice, I had a dry throat. 2022-08-08_19-37-44.mp4 2022-08-08_19-37-17.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-53.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-28.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-06.mp4 2022-08-08_19-35-47.mp4
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A very beautiful and realistic reshade that can be used even at night. But it is advised to use it during the day to get a beautiful and colorful picture. For questions, you can contact me at Discord - Campbell#6005
  4. Version 1.0


    Richmond Police Department Richmond, Virginia =============================================================================== This mod was created for the PC game Flashing Lights. It features new skins, sounds, and vehicle presets. All mods included work with online multiplayer. =============================================================================== //Update History =============================================================================== 2020/09/14 - Version 1.0: Initial release. =============================================================================== You are free to distribute this pack on your own site, server, or virtual place of the like. I'd appreciate it if you could credit me but it is not required. The logo and badge of the Richmond Police Department is owned by the City of Richmond. I do not take ownership of any logos, trademarks, liveries, or symbols or badges. I am not affiliated with any law enforcement entity, office, or department. This mod pack was created using Flashing Lights build 050820-1. //Contact =============================================================================== Email me directly at TrafficStop108@gmail.com.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! This is my first car mod/texture ever! Have never done this before but it is a well done one. It is a Dutch police car 1 on 1. So the most realistic one. I used the official color codes and textures that the real police car use. Feel free to leave a comment on what u think! I will make more Dutch skins in the feature. For install please see the link, all credits for the video goes to: Herogus3xD - BaiJie90 I am not responsible for any damage caused to your computer system. MAKE A BACKUP OFF THE FILES U EDIT. Any ripping, modifying, altering, or converting of this model and its textures is strictly prohibited. Distribution: This mod shall only be distributed on FLMODS.com unless otherwise noted by me. Disclaimer ================================= -You are not to attempt to modify or rip this model in any way shape or form. -I (DutchEmergency) am not resposible for any damages done to your game. Please make a backup of any edited files! -Do not upload this file to any other site, claiming it as your own. -Free to use for private, communities and social media (yt etc) giving credits is up to the person that uses it. If used in a video a credit should be in the discription. -Do not re-upload this file, PLEASE MAKE A LINK TO IT. Thanks and enjoy!!
  6. Version 1.1


    Met Police BMW X5 ARV 66 Plate Pack. This pack contains: Marked ARV skin for the Explorer (BMW X5) Car configs for the Marked and Unmarked versions of the BMW X5. Light configs for the Marked and Unmarked versions of the BMW X5. How To Install: For the Skin, follow any Explorer skin tutorial. For the Light Configs, open then car changer, select the Explorer, then import car config finally find and select the Car Config.
  7. Version 1.1


    Met Police BMW X5 ARV 66 Plate Pack. This pack contains: Marked ARV skin for the Explorer (BMW X5) Car configs for the Marked and Unmarked versions of the BMW X5. Light configs for the Marked and Unmarked versions of the BMW X5.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This SCBA texture is based on a Scott SCBA . The texture is made to be as realistic as possible . -It features red stripes in staid of the green on the original texture . It also has the Scott safety logo and realistic looking pass advice along with a metallic look . This was uploaded on here before but the side got reset , ever since then I have improved on it to the best of my abilities . To install this mod replace SCBA-1 in sharedassets2.assets . If you enjoy this mod consider giving it a review or a rate .
  9. Version 1.1.3


    ❒SpaceCube™ - ©2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Description: This is the Fuerza's Publicas Cars from Real-life, Costa Rican cars. Fuerza Publica is the country's law enforcement force, which performs policing and border patrol functions. In other words, It is a permanent police force, of a civil nature, which by constitutional mandate, must ensure the security and exercise of the rights and freedoms of all human beings located within Costa Rican territory, in alliance with the community. During 1996, the Ministry of Public Security established the creation of the Costa Rican Public Force, a Ministry Unit that reorganized some police forces, eliminating the Civil Guard, Rural Assistance Guard, Proximity Police and border soldiers, same as in Instead of being separate entities, they are now subordinate under the Ministry and operate on a geographical basis, subdivided into commandos, with the aim of ensuring security on the ground, application of laws, combating drug trafficking, prevention and repression of crimes and organized crime and the functions of the border patrol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes: - Ford Explorer Texture - Minivan Texture - Ford Crown Vic Texture - Tow Truck Texture - Dodge Charger Texture - Open tutorial text on file ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: SpaceCube™ Owner:..............Diego2452. Co Owner:...........Marco1212. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a work still, in progress so they may be a little bit of little errors on textures, so make sure you report them on coments bellow! But, we will thank you for the support and immediately fix it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope you enjoy them! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2020, SpaceCube™ CR, Inc. All rights reserved Do NOT ReDistribute!!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    We have changed the Downloading media in a New Acount, Go check it out! New Account: Diego2452 New Content: Coming Soon.
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