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Found 10 results

  1. Whisper's Flashing Lights | Serious RP Hello, I am Whisper. This is my team's new up and coming Flashing Lights server. We are a new server so we are reaching wide to find new members to help this server become one of the greats! We offer level roles so you get awarded just for being a part of the server! We have an active owner and friendly staff. Working up the ranks is simple and depending on in game stats, you can apply directly for High Command. We hope you come and enjoy your stay! What we offer: ·Extensive Rank Structure and Custom Badges ·Frequent Patrols ·Active Owner and Friendly Staff ·Level Roles ·Donator Perks ·Self advertising (Donator +) · Lounge area (casino, counting, memes, etc.) We are currently looking for partnership opportunities. New partners will automatically get the Server Partner role in our discord and have access to private channels as well as self advertising. You must be the owner/approved administrator of another Flashing Lights based server to be eligible for the partnership program. All High Command members from the server who join this one will get the role and benefits as well. https://discord.gg/bymd5acSxt Whisper - YouTube
  2. in my community we have Alot of things to offer like... 1.) a CAD. 2.) friendly Staff. 3.) all ages allowed NO MATTER WHAT your allowed. 4.) i'm also looking for new staff Here is the Link please join : https://discord.gg/VmQADuRp
  3. We are looking for members and members to fill the high roles of the departments!! As well as looking for people to join. Our RP is Semi-Strict ATM, Until the Community is filled we will remain this. - You must be at least 14+ or older. - You must be able to participate in at least most trainings. - You must have Flashing Lights. - US EAST - US WEST - Organized PD and FD. - Our Departments Have Assigned Light Patterns. - Department Enforced Dress Codes. - We have Join Trainings as well as follow ups. -The Departments have FTO's. - PD offers SOP's and The FD/EMT is being worked on. - Server Admins and Community Managers. - CAD/MDT System - CAD 10-Codes. - We have a fully custom modpack - Looking for active Members Join Raleigh County Roleplay and see what can become of your roleplay! https://discord.gg/bydTNyjsJq
  4. Flashing Lights Role Play - это ролевая игра, а которой почти фулл РП, играем мы по реальным тэн-кодам, имеються звания (ранги), на которые надо сдавать опросы, ждем вас в нашей дискорд - группе (Обязательно нужно быть русскоговорящим!) подать заявку тут: flashinglightsrpdc@gmail.com мы рассмотрим ее в ближайшее время! примера заявки нету, можно написать хоть просто "хочу к вам!" Ждем вас на проекте! (у нас даже своя сборка)) интро флашинг лайтс.mp4
  5. Version 1.0.0


    AMR Ambulance. The Back of the ambulance is a bit messed up, it was my first time modding, hope you enjoy!!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a civ skin for a private server Macomb County.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Macomb County Van custom made by me for private server I am not responsible for anything that happened to your game or system.
  8. Unnamed Island RP -Realistic Role Play -CAD -Dispatching -Police, Fire, EMS, SWAT -Basic DOJ 10 Codes -Active Members -All around great RP -No application needed - Good music -Servers everday! -Opptional server skins and map http://unnamedislandrp.rf.gd/ https://discord.gg/sKenJ3M
  9. Bonjour, Nous sommes la Communauté Française Officielle de Flashing Lights. Nous sommes actifs tous les soirs pour des parties RP et Semi-RP. Vous intégrerez un des trois services d'urgence au sein de notre ville : Police, pompier, SAMU. Un système de grade vous permettra d'évoluer au sein de votre équipe. Les règles sont basées sur le système français et adaptées aux contraintes du jeu. Sur notre serveur, vous trouverez : - Une équipe de STAFF active et présente - De vrais membres des services d'urgences IRL (pompier, policier, ambulancier, ...) - Un système de grades afin d'évoluer au sein de chaque service - Des formations pour vous faire progresser - Un mod personnalisé - Un concours chaque mois - Réunions mensuelles pour discuter des idées, des suggestions, des problèmes et de l'avenir du serveur - ... Toutes les infos sont dispos sur notre site : https://le-112-roleplay.fr Pour nous rejoindre il faut : - Respecter les règles de discord et de FL - Parler dans un français clair et compréhensible de tous - Jouer RP de manière correcte L'âge n'a pas d'importance ? Rejoignez-nous --> https://discord.gg/4zNmyAe
  10. Version 2.1


    Hello, thank you for downloading my (OfficerMika's) skin. This is a swedish policebus, but due to the current state of Flashing Lights, the model is not the same as in real life. This replaces the "Van02" New fetaures - Refelctive pattern - Realistic colours - New Rakel Plans - Make a "Befäls" skin. - Make a swedish tow truck. Known bugs - The skin might be too big for the vehicle, I will resolve this as soon as possible, if you want to do it youself, thats fine. - Reflective pattern looks odd in-game. Installation - Open AssetBundleExtractor - Press "file"- "open" - Navigate to your FL directory. ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Flashing Lights\flashinglights_Data") - Open "resources.assets" - Press "name" in the overhead panel. - Press any "unmaed asset" - Press "V" on your keyboard. - Navigate to "Van02_Paint" - Make sure it is a "texture2d" file. - Press "plugins". - Press "edit" - Press "load" in the bottom. - Navigate to my .zip folder and get the .png file. - Press "save" - Press "OK" - Save the "resources" file to your desktop. - Move the "resources" file to your "flashinglights_data" file. - Open the game! Do not copy this file, you may use this in a RP group if you notify me. Scincerly Ms. Mika Del Valle Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/RudtGPu
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