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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    THE MOST REALISTIC LIGHTING MOD ON FLMODS! This mod is just a combination of a whole bunch of North American Fire Departments to make this generic, yet very realistic lighting setup. All of the vehicles in the pack have New York Compliant Lighting, meaning they have no blue front lights. More renditions of this mod will be made in the future, including: California Compliant Midwest/Red & Blue I will also be making mods not related to this mod, including: Realistic Police Realistic EMS EDIT 001 AUGUST 8TH, 2022 19:33 CST Forgot to include GIFs of the vehicles. These GIFs show ALL of the ELS. Don't mind my voice, I had a dry throat. 2022-08-08_19-37-44.mp4 2022-08-08_19-37-17.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-53.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-28.mp4 2022-08-08_19-36-06.mp4 2022-08-08_19-35-47.mp4
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a loosely LAFD style texture pack for the Flashing Lights Department of Public Safety community. We don't use them anymore, so I wanted to publicly release them. I'm busy and don't often check on this website for messages. If you need to get ahold of me, you can reach out to me at Discord: Elias Auxilibus#8256
  3. Version 2.0.0


    This pack Now Contains the Engine, Tanker, Ladder, Tahoe, Explorer, Taurus, and Vic. (Videos were recorded separate from each other so theres 7 links) (i could figure out how to conbind them) Ladder Tanker Engine Tahoe Explorer Taurus Vic Please like if you like these lighting presets.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    NOTICE: Does not work on unstable branch! You may complile manually using the source files on the github or wait for the update to be released. A Mega Pack for Flashing Lights. This pack contains changes for many things in this pack with an easy installer. All changes are Unnamed Island Themed. Changes The following base-game assets have been changed. Sirens FL_Siren_Wail_Loop: Wail Siren FL_Siren_WailRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Wail Siren FL_Siren_Yelp_Loop: Yelp Siren FL_Siren_YelpRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Yelp Siren FL_Siren_Piercer_Loop: Piercer Siren FL_Siren_HiLo_Loop: Hi-Lo Siren fd-siren2: Q Siren FL_Siren_AirHorn_Loop: Airhorn 1 Airhorn01_Loop: Airhorn 2 TrafficStop1: Traffic Stop Sound Vehicles Police Police_2_Body_D: Marked Charger Police_2-2_Body_D: Black Charger Police_2-3_Body_D: White Charger Vic_Body_Police_D: Marked Crown Vic Vic_Body_D-5: Black Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransperency-PD1: Marked Taurus exterior_AlbedoTransparency: Black Taurus Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD3: White Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif: Marked Explorer Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD2: Black Explorer Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD3: White Explorer CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD1: Marked Tahoe CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD3: White Tahoe CTA_exterior_AbbedoTransparency: Black Tahoe Veh_Tow_PD-01: Marked Tow Veh_Tow_PD-02: Black Tow Van02_Paint: Marked Van Van02_Paint2: Black Van EMS Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Lower Path ID): Light Red Ford Ambulance Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Higher Path ID): Tanker Ambulance Body Veh_EMS-03_Cabin-dif: Tanker Ambulance Cab Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map Vic_Body_D-4: Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-EMS1: Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_EMS: Explorer CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_EMS: Tahoe Fire FireTruck02-2: Ladder FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map Vic_Body_3-3: Crown Vic Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-FD1: Taurus Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_FD: Explorer Veh_Fire-03_exterior-dif: Tanker CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_FD Usage This pack is permitted to be used in any communities. Do not reupload/redistribute any files as provided or modified. Modification is only permitted for fixing textures and submitting them to the GitHub issues tab: https://github.com/ToxicMonster/UnnamedIslandMegaPack/issues. You may contact me to request permission for any uses other than this. If you have any questions also feel free to contact me. Credits This pack was created by me with the following exceptions: matthewtrakker: Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map Notes Installation instructions and screenshots to come! All files can be found on the GitHub!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    DISCLAIMER: This preset was created and is owned by me, DO NOT reupload this same preset for ANY reason, doing so will result in copyright action. You may edit this any way you would like and upload it as your own IF you tag the original (this preset) and me as the original creator while naming the changes you made to it. NOTE: This is a very simple set up I made a while back so don't expect much. Front (The only side lights on the vehicle are shown here): https://gyazo.com/adda306e34fe860d6aba74cec2fe4184 Back: https://gyazo.com/0df4e5ae1b147d8b53973b9813a00326 YES!! Its Fire Truck time! Finally! Get ready to have some Fire Rescue Presets plastered across your screen for the next little while. Enjoy!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    AMR Ambulance. The Back of the ambulance is a bit messed up, it was my first time modding, hope you enjoy!!!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    *This download does NOT include any livery.* This file can be used with any livery on your ambulances. This file will color correct the tanker's box to match the cabin. (See screenshot for before and after.) The ambulance, in the screenshot, is uniform white. (The "AO" file makes the tanker's box darker than the cabin.) Feel free to link this page to enhance your textures. File to replace: Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO If you need help with installation, please refer to FLMOD's Discord channel for guides. I spend hours creating each texture for free, so please leave a "like" and a review. It helps me out tremendously. Do not rip, modify, reupload, or claim credit for any of the files included. (I do include tiny markings on all my textures, so don't try.) Only link this page. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to you, or your property, while you are installing these textures.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    CFA MODPACK-VICTORIA AUSTRALIA [Data names in resources.assets] CFA LADDER TRUCK- Firetruck01, FireTruck01_N, FireTruck01_O, FireTruck01_S CFA PUMPER- Veh_Fire-03_exterior-dif CFA SUV - Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_FD HUGE THANKS TO: Cozzar Blazing Fury A video on it: https://youtu.be/DxYbA2hUCdA - Thanks to Coops05 [Disclaimer] I (We) are not responsible for game errors received after installing the modifications. This mod (modpack) are not to be used in Online Communities unless permission is granted. This mod (modpack) is free to use, credit should be given if used for commercial use, be aware permission can be taken back at the request of the developer(s). No one is to upload a new link to this pack, links should be directed straight to the FLMods page (........) Hope you enjoy the mod. [Requests] If you have any modifications in mind that you would like to use in game and none is available, message me on discord ("apk_13", ["Unit 13" in official Flashing Lights Discord]) with pictures of ALL sides of the vehicle. Please be aware there will not be a 100 percent grantee I'll create it. I will however respond to all messages and give my reasons why i will not be accepting the request (main reasons will be if it looks too difficult, i am new to skinning, this i is my first mod) if there is a delay i will alert you to it, I will give an ESTIMATED time of completion after accepting, be aware this will not always be 100 percent grantee. I make mods in my spare time, so it might take a while to make. I prefer keeping the requester up to date on the creation of their request and will prefer a reply back. Mod packs will be rejected if i have too many one off creations in queue. I may accept them but i will be alerting to a wait for the finished product. One offs will tend to be priority. Mods without sufficient reference photos will be REJECTED. I hold the rights to choose against creating the skin even after its been accepted, once again i will alert you to this and give my reasoning. My services are free and this is just a hobby, I will be creating your skin in my free time. ALL REQUESTS WILL BE UPLOADED TO FLMODS FOR OTHERS TO USE, I WILL NOT BE HOLDING THE SKIN FOR THE REQUESTER ONLY. ===Thanks for downloading and Enjoy===
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Myself and help from Capt.Ploppy, made this LAFD tanker skin. Though it doesn't look like anything special, due to the tanker model from the dev(s), its hard to make an actual LAFD tanker. This is a re-upload from the old website. Enjoy thou. I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your computer. Tha'ts a u problem.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    [ENG[ Hello , i m uploading my next project , this time it's polish tanker firetruck i hope you like it ? I also planning publish more polish textures for other vehicles [IN FUTURE I'LL UPDATE IT TO ONLY BLUE LIGHTS] [POL] Cześć , przedstawiam wam swój kolejny projekt! Tym razem wóz strażacki, mam nadzieje że sie wam spodoba ? Planuję również opublikować tekstury do innych pojazdów. . [W PRZYSZLOSCI BĘDĄ TYLKO NIEBIESKIE ŚWIATŁA (bez czerwonych)] DO NOT PLAGIARIZE MY POLISH PROJECTS! ZABRANIAM KOPIOWANIA MOICH POLSKICH PROJEKTÓW BEZ MOJEJ ZGODY! Please leave a review , it helps me a lot! Zostaw recenzje , bardzo mi to pomaga!
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