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UK Friday night patrol.

Event details

Hiya, I'm going to be doing a roleplay as UK Police on a Friday night patrolling the town. All are welcome as long as you will follow server rules and be respectful to the different officers. You will be assigned jobs and areas to patrol. Some on foot and some in vans etc. We will respond to all fights, muggings, missing persons, suspicious behaviour, drinking in public etc. You are also welcome to Roleplay as the Ambulance service and Fire Brigade. If you'd like to be a controller we will need 3 different control officers for the different services. Everything will be explained tonight. Please look out for a server called Serious UKRP. I have a link for our discord on my profile. 

https://discord.gg/R6WVqm4U  that is the link for the Serious UKRP Discord Server.

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