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Swedish Styled Emergency Lighting Patterns 1.0.0

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Swedish Styled Emergency Lighting Patterns

This is a Swedish styled emergency lighting pattern i made during my spare free time. This is my first time making any sort of mod so don't expect this to be 100% perfect. I created these lighting patterns solely by observing emergency vehicles, they may or may not be accurate to the real life emergency lighting patterns.


You have a variety of files to choose from. (Recommended Teams)

SLNR1.txt (Police)

SLNR1_2.txt (Police)

SLNR1_3.txt (FD Cheif)

SLNR1_4.txt (Police)

SLNR1_5.txt (Police)

SLNR1_6.txt (Police)

SLNR1_7.txt (Police)

SLNR1_8.txt (Police)

SLNR1_9.txt (Police)

SLIntegrality.txt (Police)

SLIntegrality_2.txt (FD)

SLIntegrality_3.txt (EMS)

SLLightcom.txt (FD, EMS)

SLAFD.txt (Police)

As the name suggest the "SLNR1.txt" files contains lighting patterns for the "Lightbar NR1" model. The "SLLightcom.txt" file contains patterns for the "Lightcom" model, and the "SLIntegrality.txt" files contains lighting patterns for the "Integrality" model.

The "SLAFD.txt" file is a simple pattern for the "Attached Flasher Double", these can be attached to the dashboard and are usually used by police.


The installation of light patterns is simple. Here is a step guide on how to do it.

1. Download your file and place it somewhere where you can navigate to it.

2. Load into the game and pick a vehicle of your choosing.

3. Press the "Edit Lights" button found at the lower right screen.

4. Choose the relevant lightbar model for the relevant txt file. This is important.

5. Press the "Edit selected" button in the upper right corner of the box.

6. Once you enter the edit section, press import light pattern. A box will appear, navigate to your downloaded txt files and import them (double check if you got the right file for the right model).

7. You have now successfully installed the lighting patterns. If you want to increase or decrease the speed use the step length sliders, the lighting patterns will differ depending on what step layer you change so play around with it.


(More patterns may be added)


SLAFD.txt SLIntegrality.txt SLIntegrality_2.txt SLIntegrality_3.txt SLLightcom.txt SLNR1.txt SLNR1_2.txt SLNR1_3.txt SLIntegrality_2.txt

SLNR1_4.txt SLNR1_5.txt

SLNR1_6.txt SLNR1_7.txt SLNR1_8.txt SLNR1_9.txt

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More patterns!!

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