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Painting collection Brazil ( State Police Santa Catarina ) 1.0.5

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Work in progress for the creation of the Santa Catarina police paintings. Video tutorial included for installation.

Trabalho em progresso da criação de pinturas da policia de Santa Catarina. Vídeo tutorial incluído para a instalação.

Edited by Helio

What's New in Version 1.0.5


Taurus paint improvement.

Watch the video tutorial https://youtu.be/yWFCQaqalDM ( idioma português ) or on the channel where I learned to install the textures channel Garrett Plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlUAELpaiUE

Filenames to make it easier to choose and change desired textures.
Nomes dos arquivos para facilitar a escolha e troca de texturas desejadas.

Ambulance 01: Ambulance_Body_2
Ambulance 01 Icon: VehMenu_Livery_EMS3

Ambulance 02: Ambulance_Body_3
Ambulance 02 Icon: VehMenu_Livery_EMS4

Ambulance 03(PATH ID 180): Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency
Ambulance 03 Icon: shared with the ambulance 02 (mesmo icone usado pela Ambulancia 02)

Tanker Ambulance:
back of the ambulance (PATH ID 617): Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency
front of the ambulance: Veh_EMS-03_Cabin-dif
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_EMS1

Black Vehicles
Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency
Taurus: exterior_AlbedoTransparency
Charger: Police_2-2_Body_D
Van: Van02_Paint2
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD2
Tow Truck (Reboque): Veh_Tow_PD-02
Tow Truck (Reboque): Veh_Tow-01
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_PD3
CVPI: Vic_Body_D-5

White Vehicles
Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD3
Taurus: Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD3
Charger: Police_2-3_Body_D
Van: Van02_Paint3
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD3
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_PD2
CVPI: Vic_Body_D-2

EMS Vehicles
Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_EMS
Taurus: Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-EMS1
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_EMS
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_EMS2
CVPI: Vic_Body_D-4

Fire Departament
Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_FD
Ladder Truck: FireTruck02-2
Taurus: Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-FD1
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_FD
Tanker Fire: Veh_Fire-03_exterior-dif
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_FD1
CVPI: Vic_Body_D-3

Police Departament
Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD1
Taurus: Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD1
Charger: Police_2_Body_D
Van: Van02_Paint
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif
Tow Truck (Reboque): Veh_Tow_PD-01
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_PD1
CVPI: Vic_Body_Police_D

Tahoe: CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD4
Taurus: Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD4
Charger: Police_2-4_Body_D
Van: Van02_Paint4
Explorer: Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD4
Icon: VehMenu_Livery_PD4
CVPI: Vic_Body_D-6

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