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Remove Cursor and Crosshair [DRAG&DROP NOT UPDATED] 1.0.0

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Message added by Frosty.,

the drag and drop part of this mod is NOT updated with the latest live release, i'm not sure i will update it as it's tedious and takes a bit of time which i don't exactly have at this moment. i hope you understand, and in the meantime you can use the manual install 😀

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About This File



note: the drag and drop features included in this mod will not work in any updates published after sept. 14th, 2022, unstable or stable.

i will try my best to keep this updated as frequently as possible, and if it's not updated, i will make an attempt to update the title saying such





anyway, to the mod. this mod removes the white circle cursor on your screen, and the crosshair which replaces it when you hold right click on any team. if you wish to only have one removed, you may use the images to replace the files using unity asset bundle extractor.



File Names (Manual Install) - 

Cursor File Name: Knob - found in globalgamemanagers.assets

Crosshair File Name: UI_Target2_256 - found in globalgamemanagers.assets


Manual Installation - 


manual installation is the same as any other texture file, find the texture variant of each file, plugins, edit, etc. however, the Knob texture format is not the typical DTX1, DTX5. leave this as it is set, do not change it.

target installation is normal, just make sure to change the texture format to DXT5 rather than DTX5Crunched.


Drag and Drop Installation - 


this method will not work at the time of typing this (10/24/22), please use the manual method in the meantime!


if this file is up-to-date, then you should be good, and all you have to do is download the file, open another file explorer windows, navigate to your flashinglights_data folder, and drag the globalgamemanagers.assets and sharedassets2.assets into your flashinglights_data folder. then, press the replace all when the warning appears, and you should be all good to go!



General Information-


if at any time you do find yourself stuck or have any issues with installation, please head over to the Flashing Lights Discord Server and to the #mod-help section!

also, if you do come across issues with the mod itself (ex. cursor looks odd, missing files, etc) please leave a comment on this post or send a DM @Frosty#7046

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