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Hello Everyone,


Here is a Full Complete Canadian Federal Emergencies Pack that has ALL 3 departments.

This pack is brought to you by yours truly, @greenhamcalvin and @matthewtrakker


----- What This Pack Includes -----


Royal Canadian Mounted Police


1. Laptop Skins

- In Car Laptop --- resources.assets --- Laptop_Albedo

- On Screen Pop-up Laptop --- sharedassets2.assets --- PC_Veh

2. License Plates

- NumberPlate-01 --- resources.assets --- player License Plate

-  NumberPlate-01-Ticket --- sharedassets2.assets --- AI License Plate

3. Full Lighting Preset Pack

4. Full Uniform Pack

5. Full Vehicle Pack


Paramedic Association of Canada


1. Full Uniform Pack

2. Full Lighting Pack

3. Full Vehicle Pack


Canadian Firefighter Department


1. Full Uniform Pack

2. Lighting Pack - Lighting Pack is Not Complete, WILL update the Lighting pack when i can. Mostly Lightbars and Siderunners

I will also be adding a Light pattern preset video as well for the CFD.

3. Full Vehicle Pack





Do not trace, rip, modify, reupload in any packs, or claim credit for any of the files included. Only link this page.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to you, or your property, while you install, or during use of these textures.


PLEASE HIT THAT REACTION AND MAKE A REVIEW, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hit me up on Discord Cpl. Irish#5593 if your looking for anything specific I can Do the entire Police Department with license plates, also with billboards..


Thanks and Enjoy this Full Pack


Cpl. Irish

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Added the Chevy Tahoe!




Cpl. Irish


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· Edited by Gremerson

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I am so happy that some people like  @Cpl. Irish

@greenhamcalvin and @matthewtrakker care so much to make a complete canadian pack for all the canadian users just wanted to say thanks to everyone who worked on this



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· Edited by onemeanmotherfucker

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Amazing pack over-all. The realism is definitely there in the cars and I really appreciate the attention to detail and time spent on it, especially so with the lighting presets you provided with it. Love the pack and its the only one I play with. That being said, I notice the Uniform textures are a little off. I wish to see the uniform "Police" text changed to all caps, and the yellow stripe on the pants legs feels a little too big, in my opinion. I'd also like to see a Taurus skin for the RCMP done by you. I'd rate this pack a solid 4.9/5 stars.

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Thank you fellow Canadians for making me say sorry to all people I arrest, put on a stretcher, and to buildings on fire.

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