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Flashing Lights

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General area to post topics regarding Flashing Lights or its modding.


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You have any questions? Ask here! The community and/or staff team will respond!

Wish a mod to be made? Feel free to request here! Make sure to search the website before requesting a mod!

Mod Locations

  • 140 posts

All kinds of topics towards the file locations.

Mod Tutorials

  • 10 posts

All kinds of modding tutorials.

All kinds of useful resources that may help you with modding such as tutorials, linking to other stuff or anything other related to the creation of mods.

Mod Projects

  • 33 posts

Showcase your projects you are working on here! Get ideas and early feedback before you release a mod!

Server Bazaar

  • 37 posts

Looking to join a server or advertise your server? Then this is the place!


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