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  • 1. What do I do if I am banned?

    Nothing. There are no second chances. If you believe you have been banned unjustly, you may contact us at this email: security@flmods.com
    Do not attempt to create another account, your IP will most likely be banned also. 


    2. What do I do if I received a warning?

    The only thing you have to do is acknowledge the warning. If you think the warning was unjustly then please contact our support team here.
    You may want to watch out with receiving warnings. After receiving 5 points you will be temporary banned for 30 days. The next 5 warnings you will get your content moderated (all post you made needs to be manually approved by a mod). At 10 warning points you will be temporary banned for 60 days. 
    At the final and max. Reaching 15 points or more will result in a permanent ban from FLMODS. 

    It will take a lot to get banned. But don't think we won't. 


    3. How can I change my name?

    You can change your name by buying the member+ subscription, or if you really have a good reason. Create a support ticket requesting a name change. This must be a very good reason. Reasons like ''I just don't like my name'' will be denied.


    4. How can I delete my posted mod?

    Simply report the file and request the file to be deleted. Our moderation team will delete the file once verified that you are the owner of it.


    5. I have not received my activation email. What can i do?

    If you experience any issues with receiving your activation email. Do the following in order to get your account manually activated.

    Send a email to:

    Copy and paste the following content into your email and fill in your Username and e-mail.




    I would like to manually approve my account on FLMODS.


    Kind regards,



    Only do this if it has been over 24 hours since you registered and not received your account activation email.
    Please do not DM a staff member for your email activation.

    TIP: Please always make sure you use the correct e-mail. We have tested it and emails from @hotmail, @gmail, @outlook, @ymail and others work perfectly fine for some users.


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