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Richmond Police Department

Richmond, Virginia
This mod was created for the PC game Flashing Lights. It features new skins,
sounds, and vehicle presets. All mods included work with online multiplayer.
//Update History
2020/09/14 - Version 1.0: Initial release.


You are free to distribute this pack on your own site, server, or virtual place
of the like.

This mod pack was created using Flashing Lights build 050820-1.


Edited by TrafficStop108
Updated Credits

In order to install the included texture mods you will need a program called
Asset Bundle Extractor. To install the sound mods, you will need a copy of the
2018 build of Unity. Both of these programs are free to use. You do not need
Unity to install texture mods.
!!It is highly recommended to create a backup of the file "resources.assets"
prior to installing any modifications to your game!!

To install texture mods:

Open the folder where you installed Asset Bundle Extractor. Run the
AssetBundleExtractor.exe file. Once open, click on File > Open. Navigate to
where your Flashing Lights directory is (usually found in
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Flashing Lights). Open your flashinglights_Data

Now find a file called resources.assets and open it. Now, go back to my mod
folder which you downloaded. We'll start with Officer Textures.

Go into the Officer Textures folder and start with cop001 female. Inside are
two .png files. Both are named similarly but one has _Vest_1 at the end.
The names of the .png files correspond with the matching name in the
resources.assets file. So, with Asset Bundle Extractor open, find
Cop001_F_01_mat_MainTex_atlas_0. It is easier if you click the "Name" tab on
top so you can sort by name.

Once found, select the file in Asset Bundle Extractor and click the "Plugins"
button on the right. Click on "Edit", then select "Ok".

At the bottom of the box that just opened up there is a button that says
"Load". Click that button, then navigate to where you extracted my mod pack.
Find Cop001_F_01_mat_MainTex_atlas_0.png and select open. My texture mod will
now have replaced the default one.

Continue to do this with the rest of the officer textures and vehicle textures.
Once that is done hit the "OK" button at the bottom of the Asset Bundle
Extractor program. It will ask if you want to save, say yes. Save the newly
created resources.assets file anywhere on your computer.

!!Before continuing any further, make sure you have backed up your original
resources.assets file!!

Once saved, find the resources.assets file you just made and cut and paste it
into your FlashingLights_Data directory. It will ask if you want to overwrite,
say yes. You're done! Note that any time the game receives an update, you will
have to repeat this installation. There is no way around this at the moment.
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