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Bright and Vibrant Lights | Reshade Preset 1.0.0

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This is a ReShade Preset I have made tonight, it basically makes things brighter and different colors pop out a little more.

If you don't know how to install it there is a great tutorial by Davire, link: https://www.flmods.com/tutorials/reshade-guide/

In case you were wondering what this "ReShade" thing is you can find it on reshade.me and there is also a good description of it there.


You may need a decent computer to run this well on the old map, so if you barely meet the minimum requirements, I might not recommend this, since it does make the game lag a little

Any game crashes or system errors will not be my fault, I was able to get this in for the pictures, If you do experience game crashes, try verifying your game files through Steam.

If you are having trouble with installation, do not hesitate to ask in the modding channels of the official FLMODS Discord server ( https://discord.gg/JbvdXj9 )OR the modding section of the official Flashing Lights Discord server (https:// discord.gg/flashinglights )




Davire made a very good guide on installing Reshade presets and posted it on this site, check it out if you are having trouble installing this.
Link: https://www.flmods.com/tutorials/reshade-guide/
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