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NOTICE: Does not work on unstable branch! You may complile manually using the source files on the github or wait for the update to be released.


263929297_UnnamedIslandMegaPack.thumb.png.4c06045d4d2216d6e77b4139cd4929e5.pngA Mega Pack for Flashing Lights. This pack contains changes for many things in this pack with an easy installer. All changes are Unnamed Island Themed.

The following base-game assets have been changed.


  • FL_Siren_Wail_Loop: Wail Siren
  • FL_Siren_WailRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Wail Siren
  • FL_Siren_Yelp_Loop: Yelp Siren
  • FL_Siren_YelpRumbler_Loop: Rumbler Yelp Siren
  • FL_Siren_Piercer_Loop: Piercer Siren
  • FL_Siren_HiLo_Loop: Hi-Lo Siren
  • fd-siren2: Q Siren
  • FL_Siren_AirHorn_Loop: Airhorn 1
  • Airhorn01_Loop: Airhorn 2
  • TrafficStop1: Traffic Stop Sound


  • Police_2_Body_D: Marked Charger
  • Police_2-2_Body_D: Black Charger
  • Police_2-3_Body_D: White Charger
  • Vic_Body_Police_D: Marked Crown Vic
  • Vic_Body_D-5: Black Crown Vic
  • Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransperency-PD1: Marked Taurus
  • exterior_AlbedoTransparency: Black Taurus
  • Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-PD3: White Taurus
  • Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif: Marked Explorer
  • Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD2: Black Explorer
  • Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_PD3: White Explorer
  • CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD1: Marked Tahoe
  • CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_PD3: White Tahoe
  • CTA_exterior_AbbedoTransparency: Black Tahoe
  • Veh_Tow_PD-01: Marked Tow
  • Veh_Tow_PD-02: Black Tow
  • Van02_Paint: Marked Van
  • Van02_Paint2: Black Van


  • Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Lower Path ID): Light Red Ford Ambulance
  • Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AlbedoTransparency (Higher Path ID): Tanker Ambulance Body
  • Veh_EMS-03_Cabin-dif: Tanker Ambulance Cab
  • Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map
  • Vic_Body_D-4: Crown Vic
  • Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-EMS1: Taurus
  • Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_EMS: Explorer
  • CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_EMS: Tahoe


  • FireTruck02-2: Ladder
  • FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map
  • FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map
  • Vic_Body_3-3: Crown Vic
  • Fta_exterior_AlbedoTransparency-FD1: Taurus
  • Veh_Fex-01_exterior-dif_FD: Explorer
  • Veh_Fire-03_exterior-dif: Tanker
  • CTA_exterior_AlbedoTransparency_FD

This pack is permitted to be used in any communities. Do not reupload/redistribute any files as provided or modified. Modification is only permitted for fixing textures and submitting them to the GitHub issues tab: https://github.com/ToxicMonster/UnnamedIslandMegaPack/issues. You may contact me to request permission for any uses other than this. If you have any questions also feel free to contact me.

This pack was created by me with the following exceptions:


  • Ambulance_complete_Body_LP_AO: Tanker Ambulance Occlusion Map
    • FireTruck02-2_N: Ladder Bump Map
    • FireTruck02-2_O: Ladder Occlusion Map


Installation instructions and screenshots to come! All files can be found on the GitHub!


Edited by Toxic Monster
Added Notice

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

Drag the UnnamedIslandMegaPack.resource file into your flashinglights_data directory and run the .exe file. When prompted point the installer to your flashinglights_data directory.

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