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Frosty's Better Environments - Reshade (includes day & night) [NOT UPDATED] v1.04 PAGE FIX

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12/12/22 STATEMENT - i will likely not publish any other fixes and/or updates to this mod, i will likely port this over to mod.io whenever (if ever) it is a supported option, until then, this is all.

version 1.0.4 FIX

-new daytime preset has been added

version 1.0.4 PAGE FIX


-adjusted images for mod page, added new mod thumbnail/primary image




22 Screenshots

with version 1.0.2 of this mod, you may finally enjoy both day and night in all their glory through reshade, for day use "basic day.ini" and for night, use either of the presets containing "night" in the file name

future updates to this mod, unless it is an important fix, will NOT update previous files to keep an archive for those who want to go back and test previous presets. however, eventually they will all be compiled into one .zip file to clean up the downloading page

this reshade preset pack is not finished and i will continue to update it as new features and lighting options come out



hey there! thanks for checking out my mod, this is a lighting enhancement mod which utalizes the tool, reshade, to create new graphical settings and make flashing lights look a tad bit better. currently, this is still a work in progress and i will continue to update it as reshade is updated and i get spare time.


if you don't know what reshade is, i'd recommend you take a look at this tutorial and the reshade home page and it should help you out! of course if you run into issues dont hesitate to ask in the fl discord (discord.gg/flashinglights) and more than likely someone will be there to help you out.


hope you enjoy the presets and have fun!

What's New in Version v1.04 PAGE FIX   See changelog


-adjusted images for the mod, added new thumbnail/primary image

guide for installing reshade: https://www.flmods.com/tutorials/reshade-guide/
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