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Full RCMP Vehicle, Uniform, and optional Siren pack!

This is my first time ever making a mod pack, and I've normally made skins for GTA V in the past, so this is a first for Flashing Lights.

Included in the pack are all of the textures for each vehicle and uniform for manual install, as well as siren sounds for manual install. 


  1. - All uniform textures
  2. - Marked vehicle textures, including a fictional RCMP Tow Division Two Truck.
  3. - Ghost versions of the Charger, CVPI, and Explorer (White base with reflective decals).
  4. - Whelen CenCom Sirens, authentic to the sirens used by the RCMP.
  5. - Extra options for the eight-point hat in case you prefer to not have a hat badge.
  6. - Links to the necessary programs and tutorials to install this pack.

There are NO unit numbers on any of the vehicles, with multiplayer in mind in case you wanted to use this pack while playing with a friend, to avoid two different vehicles with the same number appearing. Also left out labels such as "Supervisor" for the same reason.

The Explorer skin was tricky, but I'm happy to say that it worked out perfectly.

Also included in the pack is a black and a grey unmarked Explorer, was well as Auxiliary versions of the Charger, CVPI, and Explorer.

Not included in the screenshots are screenshots of the vests and hats on the other characters, but they have been tested and do work.

** I did not include any uniform skins with bullet-resistant vests, as I tried to do a texture with the reflective vest skin and it just didn't look authentic enough for my liking. If those vests are ever implemented into this game, I will certainly add them to this pack. Also, the 8-point hat has a black badge at the top, that does show a little when look at it, but it's excusable. If there's a way to fix that and remove it that you know of, feel free!

Feel free to use these as you see fit, just provide proper credit if you redistribute.

Any questions, fire them my way! Cheers, folks.


Just wanted to give a huge amount of credit to Herogud3xD for providing lots of modding resources such as tutorials, templates, etc.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


I've received some feedback regarding the uniform shirt colours. My bad on that one, they looked less-white in the photoshop tool lol

So this update replaces the old white shirts with proper grey shirts. Feel free to use the white ones too, as higher ranking RCMP members wear white as well, but this update provides the proper colour for most members.


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