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Fort Worth Police Department Vehicle and Uniform Pack

This is a full Fort Worth PD pack, that contains all police vehicle textures, and will contain uniforms in the future. This is my first time making both the tow truck and the transport van, so tell me how I did! Download and enjoy!

Do you want a certain texture for Flashing Lights, but it isn't on flmods.com yet? Direct Message me @NordenRaider either on the top of your screen right now, or on Discord as NordenRaider#1211


- Download Unity Bundle Extractor

- Create an account on flmods.com

- Press download on this file

- Save it in a place you will remember

- Extract

- Open resources (under assest in Unity Bundle Extractor (flashinglights_Data)

- Search Vic_Body_Police_D for marked or Vic_Body_D-2 for unmarked (Police)

- Press F3

- Click on "Plugins"

- Click "Edit"

- Click "Load"

- Select this file

- Click OK

- Select "Multi-thread"

- Click OK to save

Once saved, simply replace the original resources with the new, edited version, confirm the replacement, open up Flashing Lights on Steam, and enjoy!
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I like!! I live in dfw.

Response from the author:


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Thank You! so much finally someone who actually cares about Texas thank you so much dude these r awesome thumbs up to this!

Response from the author:

Thank you for the review (and kind words)!

If you have any other police vehicles you would like done, just let me know and I might just give them a shot. 

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Nice pack, with only 2 problems

1. Does not have a texture for the 2021 Tahoe
2. The explore is named FEPI


Rather then that, I haven't really seen any problems other then those 2 problems.

Response from the author:

It's been a while. I don't think I'll be doing paints for Flashing Lights, however I can respond to your two comments.


1. When I created the pack, the 2021 Tahoe didn't exist in the game, nor real life.

2. FEPI stands for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, which I believe I used through my repaints.


Hope that helps! 🙂



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