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  1. Lol... I ain't one of the snowflakes so don't worry about me. If you give me a paddle I will gladly assist you.
  2. The note you added at the end
  3. Texas Mod Request

    Can you make me a Arlington FD Truck I have 3 pictures the back image is not in great quality because I had to take a screenshot of that off a YT video it doesn't have to be perfect because I know how hard it is to make these vehicles also it has no badge just the words on the side doors of the front so that's why I have no badge image.


    Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 4.47.38 AM.png



    1. Nobody


      I will see what I can do.

    2. ii_SupremeEMS


      Ok thank you so much

  4. I might be able to help update them if you want.
  5. *This Lighting System Works For All Vehicles
  6. @OhioanBuckeye, I will consider making this mod. Please be aware all of my work is voluntary so if I don't finish it I don't finish it. A few things I will need are clear pics of each side of the vehicle and the logo. I will only make the vehicle textures because I suck at uniforms.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Please do not reupload. If you would like to use this for a server please contact me for permission. I might make an update to this to so make sure to follow me. If you like this please review it.
    I love the DCSO. Didn't know this pack include it.
  8. @TheGunny1776I would suggest you put that in fl discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/flashinglights
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