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How to contact us if you're having account and/or registration issues

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If you are unable to register, not receiving activation emails, can't log in or any other account based problems, please send an email to us via support@flmods.com

Please note the following:

  • Do not use Discord as a means of contacting us to resolve the issue. This is for your safety.
  • When emailing, please use the email you're trying to register with or have already registered with.  This helps with verifying ownership.
  • Please be patient with replies.  We try to respond in a timely manner, however, other stuff may come up.
  • If you need help validating your account, please use the format listed below.
  • If you're unable to register, we will create an account for you.  Please use the format below.
    • Important note: Upon makinge an account for you, we may create a temporary password for the account, as opposed to having you use an activation email.  In our response to you, we will provide a temporary password.  It is urgent that you change your password as soon as you read our email.


Not receiving activation emails/unable to validate account template:


I would like to manually approve my account on FLMODS.


Kind regards,


Unable to register template:


I am unable to register an account on FLMODS. Here's the registration into I'd like you to use:

Desired Username:

Kind regards,


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