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  1. I cant seem to find any templates. Can you please attach them to this comment or post so I can get them please?

    1. MaXADHD13


      Never mind.

    Just used them and they are AMAZING. Thanks lots for making it!
  2. Hi you cannot upload the textures on behalf of MatthewTrakker. He will upload them when proper mod support has been added.
  3. Of course, feel free to start making mods. The modding community will support you
  4. For the future, please make sure to zip all files into 1 file! Makes it easier for users to download the pack in 1 click!
  5. I can't find the Tahoe template and UV Map to create the paintings, can someone help?

    That looks really good. Might use it myself tbh
  6. Is there a way where you can post civilian vehicle file names and locations?

  7. If you don't mind I could do the new Tahoe for you for OK Highway Patrol or you can do it .Let me know . 

    1. NFS Police Force

      NFS Police Force

      You can add the charger to the pack if you like . 


  8. I do recommend adding more information and pictures to your post.
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