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SFX-Mod (Sound and Visual improvements)


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Hello everyone,

well, I really like the early version of Flashing Lights and I noticed that many of you do a reskinning of cars and figures in the game.

So I thought, it could be exciting to go a different way: I'm currently working on sound and lightning improvements. I know that the game isn't done at the moment, but I thought maybe I can help to push it forward a bit. As you can see in the "Questions"-section of the forum, I've got some problems with the sounds. The game can't play them right now, so there is a bit work to do at the moment. Also the light effects aren't that easy but I like to show you some early progress and wonder what you say to the idea


There is a small video introducing what I'm talking about. To be honest: Not all of the shown light effects are my own work. I found a lights-asset in the unity asset-store wich I bought and used to create that. But the asset helps me to understand how it's done and I'm looking forward to improve my skills with unity to release an SFX-mod in high quality soon.


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