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We are looking for members and members to fill the high roles of the departments!! As well as looking for people to join. Our RP is Semi-Strict ATM, Until the Community is filled we will remain this.


- You must be at least 13+ or older.
- You must be able to participate in at least most trainings.
- You must have Flashing Lights.

Main Time Zones:


Current Things we offer at CCRP

- Organized PD and FD.
- Our Departments Have Assigned Light Patterns.
- Department Enforced Dress Codes.
- We have Join Trainings as well as follow ups.
-The Departments have FTO's.
- PD offers SOP's and The FD/EMT is being worked on.
- Server Admins and Community Managers.
- CAD/MDT System
- CAD 10-Codes.
- 1 Hour of Training.
- We have custom Car Textures to further hype your roleplay as well. 
- Hiring Community Admins
- Hiring Department Heads
- Looking for active Members


CCPD Field Training:

- Response and Pursuit Safety (As well as Felony Stop Examples)
- Accident Response Safety
- Firearm and Tactical Safety
- CAD Training
- Traffic and Patrol Safety

CCFD Field Training:

- Get trained to become a Probationary FireFighter/EMT. Listen and follow instructions of FTO’s. - Provide other duties as requested by supervisors. - CAD Training - Proper RP Fire/EMS Training


Join Cedar Creek Roleplay and see what can become of your roleplay!


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