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Flashing Lights FAQs


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The following is a list of all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning Flashing Lights.  If you have a question, please double check this first to see if it has been answered.  There are a lot of entries, therefore we recommend using CTRL F to search either full questions ("Will there be more weapons?") or keyword terms ( "firetruck", "tow", etc) to try and find what you're looking for.  Some of these were in the old FAQs written by Herogus3xD (which were provided by the FL team), but are still relevant.  This topic will be updated as new updates and common questions are asked.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there mod support?

Officially mods are currently not supported.  However members of the community have managed to modify some textures in game allowing people to change vehicle skins and uniforms.  More information can be found in #mod-general.


Are there any weapons in the game?

Yes.  We have a shotgun, pistol and a taser available in game.


Will more vehicles be added in the future?

Yes, we plan to add a variety of police, fire and ems vehicle throughout early access.


Will X vehicle be added?

We are not aware of what vehicles are coming ahead of time, thus we cannot say if x is coming or not.  The best thing we recommend is that you

make a suggestion in the server (via #suggestions-discussion).


Will there be more callouts and missions?

More callouts and missions will be added eventually.  These will happen quite often.


How do I use the car computer?

By default press Left Shift to activate the computer or to switch cursor mode on/off. 


Are there plans for online dedicated servers?

At the moment no, the in-game system would need huge changes in core design.


Are there plans for locally/player hosted dedicated servers?

This is something we may look into further down the line for development, however we do not have the tools required for this at the moment.


Will the player count per server increase?

Eventually may be increased when game is better optimized for more players in one server.


How do i get the Taser?

The taser is now automatically equipped on your officer. Just press 3 to draw, right click to aim and left click to fire. Use R to reload the taser.


My game is broken, do you have any tips on fixing it?

One of our CSOs (Community Support Officers) has created a short guide on how best to fix flashing lights when there is an issue. You can watch

this guide at VIDEO


Will there be a console version?

Target platforms for now are PC/Mac. After the full Steam release will consider console porting.


Will the game run on 32 bit?

No currently the game only runs on 64 bit.


Will there be 1st person view?

First person view on foot not planned. This feature is only available in vehicle.


How do I use the spotlight?

Press P to toggle the light on and off and move it by holding right mouse button.


Will there be staged lighting / lighting stages?

This is one of the most suggested features, however, at the current update cycle, this is not planned.


Can I make my own light patterns?

Yes!  When on the vehicle selection screen, choose the vehicle you want then hit "edit lights".  From there you can customize all your lights and patterns.


How do I change the pattern for the roto-ray and the separate traffic advisor bar?

At this time you can't.


Can I share my patterns with friends or the community?

Absolutely!  There's two ways you can do this.

1) Exporting everything: On the vehicle selection screen after clicking the vehicle you want, there will be an "import" and "export" vehicle configuration option.  This allows you to export the entire light package on the car.  (and import allows your friends to then import that config)

2) Exporting individual lights:  Click into "edit lights", and then go into the edit screen for the pattern you want to share, such as a lightbar.  Once on that screen, you'll again see "import/export vehicle configuration".  This will let you export and share that individual pattern.

Important note: If you try and import a pattern on the main vehicle screen or vice versa, you'll get an error.


Will the interiors of the departments ever be finished?

Eventually fire and PD will have finished interiors. No ETA is available on that.


What about the hospital?

Currently there are not any plans to flesh out the hospital interior.


Is it planned to let us play as civs?

Yes.  This is something that will come down the road.


Will a SWAT truck/Bearcat ever be added?

As stated previously, more vehicles are planned, however, we cannot provide a time on when.


How do I use the tow truck?

You can control the wheel list with the arrow keys, and J to attach/detach.


Where do I drop off towed cars at?

Go to the PD and drive around back, there is a designated drop off spot that is marked.


Will there ever be individual sirens for each department?

Yes, this is planned.


Will there be an interactive tablet added to the firetruck and pumper for the officer?

That is not currently planned.


Are modded multiplayer servers coming when mod support is official?

Unkown at this time.

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