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Request form to reupload sirens from LSPDFR


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For those that aren't aware, lcpdfr.com is the website for LSPDFR (a GTA 5 police mod) and GTA 5 based mods.  One category of popular mods is sirens.  Seeing as we have the ability to change sirens via modding, it only makes sense that people would go over to LSPDFR and use sirens uploaded on that site in FL.

Something that we strongly encourage is respecting mod authors and their wishes.  A lot of authors don't want their stuff ripped and reuploaded elsewhere, hence this topic.  We hope to be able to reach out to siren authors on LSPDFR and request permission to reupload their sirens on FLMods (or, if we're lucky, they will create an account and upload themselves).

If there is a siren from LSPDFR that you would like permission to reupload onto FLMods, please leave a comment with the link to the siren.  I will then reach out to that author on LSPDFR and request permission on your behalf.

Please do not reach out on your own!!  In order for this to go smoothly, it is best that I be the one to make contact with them.  I will react to your post to indicate I have seen it, but I will not reply until I have heard back from the author or have another question for you.

Final note, I have already reached out to bakerxgooty, no need to request anything of is. ?




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