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I need a skin pack


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello, i just saw your request and was wondering that you still wanted it, i was trying to find an Atlanta police livery but couldn't find any. this is why i am making them.

i saw that you wanted a Fulton County Sheriff car, and that's the one i am working on now. i will be making a Atlanta police car and a Georgia state patrol car, this is all going to be in a pack, and i think i will keep this idea.

all of the vehicles will be a Dodge, Explorer and maybe some crown vics. i will also try and do the new cars coming out in September.

again im not classed as a Modder on FL but i do make some livery's. any questions then feel free to ask.

if you have discord then me and 3 other directors have put together a British RP server (FL) i am also making a Georgia Discord server, hints why i am making the cars. 
my discord name is WHIZZPOPBANG#8111

thank you.

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  • 3 weeks later...

hello ben.

so i have been working on the skins you wanted, now the GSP and Atlanta one is going to be in a pack but i have made a Fulton County skin for ya! so its the red styled charger and i think i have done the wrong livery, it was the livery that popped up the most so i did it.

i hope you enjoy it, the GSP and Atlanta will be coming soon, thats it though.

have a nice day bud, thank you.

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