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95% of the time our officers patrol on the streets, looking for open world crime taking place in Unnamed Island drunk Driving and suspects stealing items from store owners). if an officer comes across any crime in progress. he/she will try to stop them and then try to arrest the criminal. if we are lucky. a long hot pursuit through the whole town will ensue. with the criminals trying their best to shake off the pursuing units.


 It should also be noted that our Official vehicles & outfits are not build yet until we find a designer 


UIPD: Squad in Action

Dejon Plays, Is The FL: UI DOJ Director he do patrols & gameplays in FL. One Can Also Watch All Of The Videos On Dejon Plays YouTube Channel


How to join?

To join us, you can do one of the following things
 - press this link to join the Unnamed Island DOJ !



FL: UI DOJ rules & regulations
   - be at least 18+ years old and display a mature, respectful behavior towards members
   - have a basic understanding of the English language (as this is the main language we use to communicate with one another)
   - be friendly to all UI DOJ members  

   - follow the UI DOJ regulations & directions given by lead officers while playing 
   - absolutely no obnoxious or abusive behavior
  - absolutely no discrimination or racism towards anybody on any grounds


Additional Info

having a microphone is optional but others will use text chat 


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