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Problem adding character skins after update

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Im having problems re-adding my mods after the latest unstable branch update.


When I  open sharedassets2.assets and add textures, when i try to save it it only gives me globalgamemanagers.assets file, not the sharedassets2.assets file with it. And obviously the mod does not work. Tried renaming the file in case it's a naming bug, didn't help

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Hi Einjam,


When installing mods the files will automatically name itself to what it needs to be, renaming will cause the file to fail to load and more likely crash the game, verifying your files will fix this. 

Please just drag and drop the generated file in your flashinglights_data file, and overwrite the globalgamemanager file and it should be installed properly. 


I've installed and tested editing uniform files in both sharedassets2.assets as well as resources.assets (All departments uniforms can now be found in resources to make modding them easier) and both have been named Globalgamemanagers.assets, without renaming the file and overwriting globalgamemanager and all loaded.


** You do not need to edit both files to install one skin, either resources or sharedassets2 and it will be fine. 


Any issues let us know.

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